Idea 20: Provide ongoing training.

Ongoing training serves several purposes. It improves volunteers’ skills. It improves risk management. It may provide an opportunity for volunteers meet to discuss challenges and successes. And, it serves as a type of volunteer recognition.

Training can be customized to meet volunteer needs. It may be combined with staff training opportunities. Mentoring and coaching are also forms of additional training.

Voices from the field:

  • ongoing training – in-services will be offered
  • Treat volunteers as professionals by providing professional development opportunities, ongoing support and whatever would benefit them in their tutoring role and enhance their practice.
  • Provide ongoing training and support, and deal with issues that arise promptly.

To learn more:

READ Saskatoon. (2007). Tutor to tutor: a handbook for developing a tutor mentoring program for volunteer literacy agencies. Retrieved from
» Describes a program for level two tutor training for experienced tutors to be mentors to other tutors, developed in part to extend the skills of long term tutors. Includes a manual.

Voo, A. & Kaattari, J. (2010). Literacy volunteers: value added. Retrieved from
» The Ongoing Training and Support section of this website outlines research results about the kind of ongoing training volunteers would like to receive as well as agency wishlists on the ongoing training and support they would like to offer.

Last updated: June 28, 2012