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Write Your Own Lullaby

Lullabies are gentle songs that can help your child fall asleep. Singing them to your young child helps them feel calm and safe, and supports their language and brain development. It also is one of the things that contributes to the bond between parent and child. While there are plenty of lullabies you can sing,… Read more

Making Musical Instruments – Shakers

This year’s theme for Family Literacy Week is Tuning In to Music – Listen! Make! Move! Making music includes making musical instruments. And, that can be easier than it sounds. This video shows how to make some very basic shakers with materials you can find around the house. For more family music ideas, visit our… Read more

GCF Learn Free is a popular free online learning site with over 2,000 lessons on more than 180 topics. It’s a place to learn new skills, update current skills, and practice skills. New entries include an Introduction to Graphic Design, Snapchat, Prezi, and updated iPad, iPhone and Skype tutorials. For instructors and tutors, they offer Teacher Guides… Read more

Interactive Math Puzzles

Math puzzles can be a fun way to practice math skills. For some math puzzles based on current events and pop culture, visit Expii Solve. This free website has interactive word problems at different levels on a variety of topics.

Family Literacy Week

Every January Canadians celebrate Family Literacy Day. In BC we are lucky to celebrate family literacy for a whole week. Family Literacy Week runs from January 22 to January 29th this year. Tuning into Music: Listen – Make – Move is Decoda’s theme this year. Visit our webpage for activity sheets for parents of babies,… Read more

Fastest Way to Alphabetize Your Bookshelf

Here’s a new TED Ed lesson that’s not just about organizing your books, but also how to quickly sort information using sorting algorithms. Click here for the full lesson. This lesson is one of the Math in Real Life series, which includes other problems and riddles.

Teach Adults to Read with News Stories

ProLiteracy has described 10 tips for using easy to read news stories with adult learners. Read the ideas here and here. These are all ideas that could be used with the Westcoast Reader, British Columbia’s newspaper for adults improving their English reading. Print editions are published every month from September to June, and teachers’ notes… Read more

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat appears a series of animated videos featuring a mischievous fat white cat. The videos are available free on YouTube. Here’s the latest video. Like wordless books, these wordless videos can be used as a teaching tool. Students can watch the videos and then talk or write about what they’ve seen.

Holiday Reading

Do you try to set aside some time during the holidays to read? Are you looking for suggestions? As the winter holidays approach, many book lists are created that recommend titles that are sometimes familiar and sometimes new to you. Here are a few of those lists: NPR’s Book Concierge: Our Guide to 2016’s Great… Read more