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Pig & Stop

Have you played Pig & Stop? It’s a word game, and the following video from ONE TO ONE Literacy Society shows you how to play it. Pig & Stop from ONE TO ONE Literacy Society on Vimeo. To see more word games in action, visit the ONE TO ONE vimeo channel. You can find game… Read more

Working with Beginning Readers

Working with Beginning Readers is a wonderful free resource for anyone working with a beginning adult reader. Written by Pat Campbell, this 8 page booklet outlines the principles for working with beginning readers and describes core instructional strategies. Tutors find this a valuable reference. It’s available on the Grass Roots Press website. For more in-depth… Read more

Social Media Wellness

Today’s students face a challenging paradox: the digital tools they need to complete their work are often the source of their biggest distractions. Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World offers strategies for talking about social media and promoting academic, social and physical wellness in students’ use of social… Read more

Manage Money for Student Life – FLM Week 3

November is Financial Literacy Month. This week’s theme is Manage money for student life. The key message is that managing your money carefully and living within your means will allow you to avoid costly mistakes while you are a student and prepare you for life after school. Tips for students include budgeting for student life… Read more

Outdoor Play – All Year!

It’s getting cold outside! Colder weather doesn’t mean that play activities have to be limited to the indoors. Outdoor play is important all year. Year-round outdoor play can boost kids’ performance in school is a recent blogpost from Child Trends that describes some of the benefits of outdoor play in every season. Looking for cold… Read more

Math Catcher

Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling is a BC program that introduces mathematics and science to Aboriginal students through the use of First Nations imagery and storytelling.  It is based on the belief that it is crucial that we engage Aboriginal students in mathematics and science at the early age. Math Catcher encourages elementary and… Read more

Financial Literacy for English Language Learners

Here are some good examples of financial literacy teaching resources designed for use with adult English language learners. English for Financial Literacy: Volumes 1 – 3 Organized as a wiki, this comprehensive instructor’s resource from the Toronto Catholic School Board is designed to teach financial literacy concepts and skills at CLB levels 1 to 8…. Read more

Inclusion in a Connected World

This week is Media Literacy Week. Co-led by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, this week highlights the importance of digital and media literacy, particularly for children and young people. This year’s theme of Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and a Voice for Everyone promotes ways in which diverse voices, perspectives and talents… Read more

Live Within Your Means – FLM Week 2

November is Financial Literacy Month. This week’s theme is Live Within Your Means. The key messages are: Small changes in your spending habits can have a big impact on your overall financial situation. Spending less than you earn makes you resilient to economic and financial downturns. A heavy debt load makes you more vulnerable if… Read more

Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month! It’s a time to celebrate print picture books for children. Every day in November, an essay from a picture book champion on the importance of picture books will be posted on the Picture Book Month website. Here’s a calendar to help you keep track: Each post will include a themed… Read more