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The Westcoast Reader – June issue

The June issue of The Westcoast Reader newspaper is available now! The June newspaper has articles about the 2017 BC General election, high heel shoes, the Highway of Tears, kids in sports, citizen action, how to make a bean salad and more……. You can find the Teachers’ Notes for this issue online. The next issue… Read more

Worksheets for ESL Literacy Learners

Do you work with lower level ESL literacy students? Do you make your own worksheets? Best Practices for Making Worksheets for Low-Level ESL Literacy Learners is a presentation from the ESL Literacy Network that offers 13 tips. Watch it below. For other resources to use with ESL Literacy Learners, email .

Learning to Read Changes Adult Brains

New research shows that learning to read as an adult can change your brain. An international team of researchers conducted a study with 30 women in India who did not read. Twenty-one of the Hindi-speaking women, mostly in their thirties, were taught to read Devanagari script for six months. Participants reached a level similar to… Read more

Learning Outdoors

Learning outdoors has several benefits. The following video talks about the Nature Kindergarten program in Sooke School District and how it promotes learning in a natural outdoor setting. Sooke Nature Kindergarten from Sooke Nature Kindergarten on Vimeo. For a more detailed look, click here. If you’d like ideas for outdoor learning activities to add to… Read more

Introduction to Family Literacy Workshop

What is family literacy? What do family literacy programs look like and who benefits from them? How does the literacy level of mothers affect their children’s literacy skill potential? What is the Early Development Instrument (EDI) and how can family literacy programs and services address early childhood vulnerabilities? Join Debbie Schiller in an interactive, full… Read more

Working with Beginning Readers

If you are working with adults learning to read, Working with Beginning Readers is a very helpful resource. Written by Pat Campbell, it covers the principles and strategies for working with beginning readers. Guidance in working with the language experience approach and sight words is included. This hidden gem is available free on the Grass… Read more

Using the Web to Get Stuff Done

Want to teach someone how to: Shop online? Find recipes online? Stream internet video to their TV? GCF Learn Free has free lessons in their Using the Web to Get Stuff Done tutorial that cover these topics and more.  It includes lessons on buying and selling things online, doing online research, online media, and more… Read more

Loose Parts

Loose parts are open-ended play materials that spark imagination and invention. They invite creativity. They support learning. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Loose parts can be used alone or combined with other materials. There is no set… Read more

Why you should love statistics

How accurate is your intuition? In this engaging TED talk, Alan Smith, a data visualization expert, shows how statistics can give us a reality check. And, he also demonstrates visually interesting ways of working with statistics.