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Celebrate Your Literacy Volunteers

April 23-29 is National Volunteer Week. We would like to highlight the impact of literacy volunteers throughout the week. If you have a great volunteer you would like to recognize, please send us a photo and a couple of sentences describing what that person does and the impact of their work. Send your submissions to… Read more

Real-life Math

What do zoo keepers, woodworkers, police accident investigators, nurses and real estate appraisers have in common? They all use math in their work. Real-life Math is a series of 20 short videos created by Arizona PBS that feature professionals in a number of fields discussing how they use math in their careers. They reveal how… Read more

B.C. Votes 2017

The BC provincial election on May 9th is less than a month away. Did you know that there’s an easy to read resource that helps explain the election process? The April issue of The Westcoast Reader includes a four page insert, B.C. Votes 2017, to help readers understand how elections work in BC. It contains… Read more

Depression – Let’s talk

Today is World Health Day! This year’s theme is depression and the slogan is “Depression: let’s talk”. Two very good resources in BC to learn more about depression and what you can do about it are Here to Help (the source of the plainer language series, including What is depression?) and the Kelty Mental Health… Read more

Candidate for a Pullet Surprise

Here’s a little Friday fun for National Poetry Month. Have you ever had a spell checker ‘correct’ your spelling in a way that didn’t make sense? Homonyms can lead to confusing (and sometimes funny) results. Here’s the beginning of Candidate for a Pullet Surprise, a poem by Jerrold Zar illustrating the pitfalls of using a… Read more

Investment in Adult Basic Education

ProLiteracy has produced a new white paper, The Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education. It reviews Stephen Reder’s large scale, longitudinal research on the benefits of adult literacy programs and presents the implications of the findings for policy. The long term, positive impacts of adult basic skills programs on economic gain, employment opportunities, health,… Read more

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! This year’s theme is time: its gifts, its history, its potential. “From songs and the oral tradition to the page and beyond, time has traversed language, culture, and progress to give us an invisible and unbreakable framework for everything we do. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, time perseveres: language,… Read more

The Right Tool for the Job

The Right Tool for the Job: Improving Reading and Writing in the Classroom is a new document with in-depth reviews of some promising digital learning tools. The focus is on English language arts resources that can be used to supplement curriculum. Four experienced teachers review the strengths and weaknesses of: Achieve the Core’s “Text sets,”… Read more

Maths Potential

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. It’s a time to increase the understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics. Both play a role in addressing real world problems – on a global as well as individual scale. And, while we know that math is important, we also know that many people struggle with it…. Read more

International Children’s Book Day 2017

International Children’s Book Day is this coming Sunday, April 2nd. It’s a day to inspire a love of reading and to highlight children’s books. This year’s sponsor is IBBY Russia and the theme is Let Us Grow With the Book! This year’s message to children was written by Sergey Makhotin, translated from Russian by Yana… Read more