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Online news for learners

Newspapers can be a source of high-interest reading material that encourages awareness of current events and citizenship while promoting reading skills. Here are a few free online news websites that are designed for learners. The Westcoast Reader is a BC-produced newspaper for adults who are improving their English skills. The print edition has been available… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Workforce Essential Skills project

Welcome to Workplace Wednesday, connecting you with resources that link literacy, business, industry, and the workplace. WESCan (Workforce Essential Skills across Canada) was a two-year (2009 – 2011) workforce Essential Skills research and implementation project that was conducted in five sites across Canada. The partners were chosen to reflect diverse communities and labour markets. PTP… Read more

The Decoda Library is having a holiday

The Decoda Literacy Library will be closed for staff holidays from July 5th to July 26th. Library circulation and reference services will resume on July 29th. For your convenience, books can be returned while the library is closed. If you’ve been thinking of a book you’d like to borrow over the summer or a question… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Google’s Good to Know

It’s Tech Tuesday, highlighting resources that discuss literacy, technology, and the digital world. Google has a consumer education website called Good to Know. It’s designed to teach about web safety. Topics are organized into broad categories: stay safe and secure online, keep your family safe online, learn how Google helps protect you, and know your… Read more

Learning with found objects

Sticks – Feathers – Leaves – Rocks – Acorns – Buttons – String – Keys – Paper – Shells. What do these items have in common? They’re just a sample of the materials children collect – and materials that can form the beginnings of interesting, absorbing, and fun learning. Read: Beautiful stuff! Learning with found… Read more

New books: Brain-friendly strategies for teaching teens

New in the library! Secrets of the teenage brain: research-based strategies for reaching and teaching today’s adolescent. Sheryl G. Feinstein. New York: Skyhorse, 2009. This hands-on guide explains the biological and neurological changes happening in the teenage brain. Organized around specific areas of adolescent development, Secrets of the Teenage Brain is packed with fresh instructional… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Embedding Literacy & Essential Skills in the Workplace

Welcome to Workplace Wednesday, connecting you with resources that link literacy, business, industry, and the workplace. Today’s feature is newly published research report from Decoda Literacy Solutions. Embedding Literacy & Essential Skills in the Workplace: final research report Introductory report and conclusion: Diana Twiss & Tracy Defoe; Corrections sector reports: Julia Dodge & Betsy Alkenbrack;… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Learning modules for young men

It’s Tech Tuesday, highlighting resources on literacy, technology, and the digital world. Literacy Link South Central investigated the interests of young single males (18 to 29) who are unemployed and/or who have less than Grade 12 education. They then developed programming to engage the young men in learning, with a goal of encouraging participation in… Read more

Online videos from Decoda

Looking for audiovisuals that promote literacy awareness and show how literacy can make a difference in your community? You can find a number of them on the Decoda website. Click the ‘Communities’ tab and then click ‘videos’ on the sidebar and you’ll find a page of videos. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Make believe play

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein When children are engaged in fantasy or pretend play, they are doing more than using their imagination. They’re strengthening… Read more