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New books: Improving adult literacy instruction

New in the library! Improving adult literacy instruction: options for practice and research by the Committee on Learning Sciences: Foundations and Applications to Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Alan M. Lesgold and Melissa Welch-Ross, editors (2012). This report examines the research on literacy development, including neurobiology, instructional design, motivation and technology use, and makes recommendations for… Read more

New edition: Teaching with Emotional Intelligence

New in the library – a new edition of a popular resource! Teaching with emotional intelligence: a step by step guide for higher and further education professionals. 2nd ed. by Alan Mortiboys (2012) This book looks at the emotional context of the teacher – learner relationship. It contains activities and checklists to help teachers develop… Read more

Two new books on keeping your brain working well

New (to us) in the library! Think smart: a neuroscientist’s prescription for improving your brain’s performance by Richard M. Restak (2009) In a readable style, this book reviews recent scientific discoveries about the brain and what we can do to help our brains work more efficiently. Brain rules: 12 principles for surviving and thriving at… Read more

New edition: “Sit & get” won’t grow dendrites

New in the library – a new edition of a popular resource! “Sit & get” won’t grow dendrites: 20 professional learning strategies that engage the adult brain. 2nd ed. by Marcia L. Tate (2012) This practical handbook presents an approach to teaching adults based on research on brain-based learning, differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences and adult… Read more

New book: Social media for educators

New in the library! Social media for educators: strategies and best practices by Tanya Joosten (2012) This book includes case studies and practical strategies to help design learning activities within a course that will take advantage of social media. Administrators will also find information useful for planning programmatic implementations and faculty development programs for the… Read more

New book: Physical Literacy

New in the library! Physical literacy: throughout the life course edited by Margaret Whitehead (2010). Physical literacy describes the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that individuals develop in order to maintain physical activity at an appropriate level throughout their life. This book contains articles that explore this concept for a variety of age… Read more

New book: The dyscalculia resource book

New in the library! The dyscalculia resource book: games and puzzles for ages 7 to 14 (Book + CD) by Ronit Bird (2011) This book offers 100 photocopiable games and puzzles to help teach key aspects of numeracy. Carefully designed so that no equipment is needed beyond that found in the average home, these games… Read more

New from Ningwakwe Learning Press

New in the library! Circle works: transforming aboriginal literacy by Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline (2011). The Circle Works Teaching Model is a method of teaching and learning based on ancestral Aboriginal philosophies, meant to be culturally-specific for Aboriginal learners. This manual provides strategies and methods intended for educators in an adult literacy setting. The Medicine… Read more

New family literacy books

New in the library! Home, school, and community collaboration : culturally responsive family engagement by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray (2012) This comprehensive textbook uses the culturally responsive family support model to examine working effectively with diverse families in early childhood and elementary education. Written by experts from a number of perspectives, it includes… Read more

New book: Literacy is not enough

New in the library! Literacy is not enough: 21st century fluencies for the digital age by Lee Crockett, Ian Jukes, Andre Churches. (2011) This book identifies skills that are needed for the 21st century: solution fluency, information fluency, creativity fluency, media fluency, collaboration fluency, and global digital citizenship) and explains them in detail. It introduces… Read more