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New book: Design for how people learn

New in the library! Design for how people learn. Julie Dirksen. Berkeley, CA: New Riders, 2012. Shows how to use current science and theory about how people focus, learn and remember to create learning experiences and materials that help your audience gain and retain knowledge and skills. To borrow this book, emailĀ 

Updated: Adult learning from theory to practice

New online! Adult learning: from theory to practice. Updated ed. (online) L. Herod, 2012. Only available online. This resource, originally published in 2002 and newly updated, is material for an online course intended for tutors in the Canadian adult literacy community. It can be used by individuals in a self-paced format, or by groups, either… Read more

New book: Who owns the learning?

New in the library! Who owns the learning?: preparing students for success in the digital age. Alan November. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press, 2012. Using the Digital Learning Farm model, this book shows teachers how technology allows students to take ownership of their learning, create their own learning tools, and do work that has meaning… Read more

New titles in the Rapid Reads series – Fall 2012

New in the library! Rapid reads series. Victoria, BC: Raven Books, 2012. Clean up by Norah McClintock. When an illegal alien working as a maid is charged with her employer’s murder, her only friend is also her only hope for escaping jail or worse, deportation. Reading level: 4.0 Evil behind that door by Barbara Fradkin…. Read more

New books: Seven (the series)

New in the library! Seven (the series) Victoria, BC: Orca Book Publishers, 2012. When David McLean, beloved grandfather and avid adventurer, dies at the age of ninety-two, he leaves behind a very unusual will that outlines the seven tasks he has set for his seven grandsons. Seven well-known authors bring their signature styles to a… Read more

New book: Teaching Generation Text

New in the library! Teaching generation text: using cell phones to enhance learning. Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011. This resource presents various ideas, activities, lessons, and strategies for using cell phones in the classroom. It offers tactics for teachers to help their students integrate digital technology with their studies, and is… Read more

New book: Growing up with languages

New in the library! Growing up with languages: reflections on multilingual childhoods. Claire Thomas. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2012. “This book views multilingual childhoods from the perspective of the child and is based on over 50 interviews with adults who grew up in multilingual settings. The book charts their recollections of their childhoods and includes many… Read more

New issue of the Change Agent: Tales of Resilience

New in the library! Tales of resilience. The change agent, issue 35, September 2012. Boston, MA: New England Literacy Resource Center/World Education, 2012. In this latest issue of the Change Agent, writers explore the idea of resilience, sharing inspiring stories of the ability of individuals and communities to bounce back after setbacks. The writers include… Read more

New website: Managing stress to improve learning

Managing stress to improve learning. (Website) Lenore Balliro, project director. Boston, MA: New England Literacy Resource Centre, 2012. This website contains the resources of a project that explores the use of mind-body approaches and expressive arts to reduce stress and promote learning. Includes background information on how chronic stress, adverse life conditions and traumas… Read more

New series: 21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks

New in the library! Be sure to check out the last two titles, in celebration of Financial Literacy Month. The 21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks (series) Costa Mesa, Calif.: Saddleback Publishing, 2012. The books in this series are a concise format, written in plain language and illustrated with colourful photos. They cover a range of practical… Read more